Share Your Insights on Workplace Values to Shape your Future Workforce

Attention all Worcestershire businesses! The Worcestershire County Council, in collaboration with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the Growth Hub, is conducting a crucial survey to understand the key values that businesses seek in future employees.

Participation in this short survey, which takes just five minutes to complete, is essential in helping our teams ensure that young people leaving education are equipped with the workplace values and skills you need.

Following the ‘Worcestershire: The BIG Conversation’ event delivered by the Worcestershire LEP in February this year, businesses voted on average 3 out of 5 on the readiness of young people for the world of work. In response to this the LEP, County Council and Growth Hub are seeking the views of businesses to help support development in this area.

By completing this survey, businesses and organisations will provide invaluable insights into the workplace qualities and attributes that matter most. This feedback will help guide the development of careers guidance materials designed to prepare young people to thrive in the workplace.

This is an opportunity for businesses to voice their expectations and help shape their future workforce to the values that are crucial to their business’s success.

Organisations are invited to take a moment to complete the survey, to help our teams to develop Worcestershire’s Future Workforce.

To take part in the survey, follow the link here.