Superfast Broadband Publicity Opportunity

Worcestershire’s businesses are being invited to share their experiences with Superfast Broadband and gain some free publicity.

Stories are being sought on how faster broadband speeds has benefitted local businesses and work-life balance, for example, in areas where upgrades mean that Superfast Broadband access has enabled the workforce to work from home.

The Superfast Worcestershire programme will mean that 95% of residential and business premises are able to access Superfast Broadband over the coming years. By being a case study, you will help others to understand the benefits of Superfast Broadband and gain some free publicity – its win, win.

The publicity opportunity is available to businesses of all sizes and backgrounds and will include a number of channels: for example on websites, videos, social media and the media.

Find out more today:

If you are interested in this publicity opportunity, please email or call 01905 766 432. If you are interested in being even further involved, there are also opportunities to become a ‘Digital Champion’ and the team can advise on what this could entail and any profile your business could obtain as a result.

Businesses can also register at, which includes information on the many business benefits of Superfast Broadband, to be kept informed about their local area so that they can upgrade at the earliest opportunity.