Superfast Worcestershire creates opportunities for businesses through high-speed fibre broadband

High speed fibre broadband will be available for 95% of Worcestershire’s businesses and households by Autumn 2017.

Having a faster, more reliable connection opens up opportunities for businesses.  Fast and reliable fibre broadband connections give businesses the power to do more and sell more. With superfast broadband, businesses can serve their customers better and attract new ones more easily. What’s more, they can cut costs and work more flexibly.

There are a number of Worcestershire based businesses who haven’t looked back since upgrading their business to superfast. Read all about them here.

Make the most of your fibre broadband connection – view here

If you’ve not upgraded yet then this handy guide offers hints and tips, as well as general advice.

Discover a new, flexible way to work – view here

Working flexibly can benefit both employers and employees, enabling work on the move, at home, in different locations and with flexible hours. This can help businesses to grow, and help ensure working harmonies by firms and their staff.

Manage change with ‘Cloud Computing’ – view here

Everyone is talking about how cloud computing may bring considerable benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. It allows organisations with limited resources to store critical data or leverage considerable computing power without purchasing additional software and hardware. Cloud computing not only reduces overhead costs but also allows firms to focus their resources on areas that need them most.

The Superfast Broadband expansion programme will be finished by Autumn 2017, taking the percentage of county households and businesses able to access the technology to 95 per cent. This has been made possible due to additional investment of £6.2 million, comprising £2.39 million each from the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme and the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership – through the Government’s Growth Deal – and £1.42m from BT bringing the entire Superfast Worcestershire programme to approximately £28 million.

For more information on the benefits of Superfast Broadband and to check if your business has access to high-speed broadband, visit the Superfast Worcestershire website.