The 5G Consortium brings Worcestershire to the main stage

At the end of February, Mark Stansfeld Chair of Worcestershire LEP and the Worcestershire 5G consortium, will be moderating the Connectivity session at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona. MWC is the largest mobile event in the world. It brings together over 107,000 key industry executives to discuss and explore the world’s most leading-edge technology.

The Connectivity session will include presentations from Facebook and Verizon’s VP Smart Communities, as well as a panel on Smart Cities, co-ordinated with Intel. In addition to moderating the hour long session, Mark will also be delivering a keynote about the Worcestershire 5G Testbed, including an outline of his vision for 5G more broadly.

Over the coming months, the Worcestershire 5G Consortium will also be represented across the country through various different speaker slots. In June, Mark will be speaking in London at the 5G World Summit alongside Carl Arntzen, Chief Executive of Worcester Bosch. They will be discussing the work and vision of the Consortium, how Worcester Bosch and the Consortium are working together and how 5G will bring value to the manufacturing sector.

Also taking place in June, Mark will be delivering the opening keynote to the Digital Britain track at Connected Britain 2019. The conference is a hub for the biggest players in UK connectivity and one of the best places to gain an understanding of the wider implications of the UK digital strategy for the telecoms industry. The Digital Britain session will focus on how the UK can best use 5G infrastructure to support the development of the digital economy and deliver UK Digital Strategy.

Businesses can stay up to date with the Worcestershire 5G consortium through social media by using the hashtag #Worcestershire5G


Pictured: Mobile World Congress 2017