Thursfields Talk Legal: Planning the future of your business

Planning a successful future for your business will be the focus of a free Thursfields Solicitors’ webinar next month.

The Zoom-based event from 10am on Wednesday 26 May will start with a short vidcast from Philip Chapman, a director in the Corporate & Commercial department at Thursfields, and he will then appear “live” for a questions and answer session.

Philips’s presentation will be structured across the three main areas of safeguarding, growth and succession, with the aim of guiding business owners to make the best and most secure plans from start-up to retirement.

The Thursfields Talk Legal event, titled “Planning the future of your business”, is expected to last around 45 minutes, including questions and answers.

Philip said: “Owning your own company is so different to being employed, as so much is at stake in terms of income, revenues and eventual retirement, and all this is very much in the owner’s hands. This webinar will therefore focus on all the legal papers, agreements and processes an owner will need to consider as they plan their business’ future across three main stages: safeguarding, growth and succession.

“Safeguarding involves making sure all ownership, contracts and terms and conditions are in place and watertight to protect the business. Growth almost always involves raising finance, along with considering everything from staff to locations, and all the necessary health and safety conditions.

“And succession covers what you do once you want to exit the business and retire, considering everything from outright sale to management buy-outs, all the way to simply winding up the business and closing it down. All three stages involve careful planning to ensure that the proper legal papers and processes are in place, and starting to think about this early on is crucial so an owner ends up with a business that’s worth selling for what is often their pension pot.”

Philip added: “We’ll be focusing on all this during the vidcast and webinar, making sure that those attending leave knowing the crucial legal steps they need to take next to start planning the future of their business.”

The webinar on 26 May is the latest in Thursfields’ Talk Legal series which was launched at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown to ensure the company continued its regular free workshops for businesses and the community.

Michelle O’Hara, managing director at Thursfields, said: “These virtual webinars have become very much part of how Thursfields shares its knowledge with local businesses and the community. Although we are now emerging from lockdown, we will be continuing our Talk Legal vidcasts and webinars as well as any physical events, as so many people have found it timely and useful to engage online with our experts’ wide and in-depth knowledge.”

People can register for the “Planning the future of your business” webinar here: