Two new websites launched for Agri Food and Tech businesses in Worcestershire

Agri Food and Tech businesses in Worcestershire are being made aware of two new websites that have been launched by Agri Tech West and the Worcestershire Food and Drink Association.

These new websites aim to help provide Agri Tech businesses with more exposure on the work that is taking place in these areas.

The Agri Tech West website covers a diverse range of agriculture, horticulture and food processing businesses found in Worcestershire. The website aims to provide readers with information on the work being carried out by the alliance in many areas as well as the providing the latest news about businesses involved in the alliance. Readers will also be able to find out about the latest case studies from the alliance and the upcoming events will also be advertised in specific areas of the new website.

The Agri Tech West alliance is formed with the help of 4 Local Enterprise Partnership regions: Worcestershire, Cheshire and Warrington, The Marches, Stoke & Staffordshire. Agri-Tech West forges important relationships with wider policy frameworks. It is placed to broker delivery of national, regional and local ambitions in a co-ordinated and complementary manner.

The Worcestershire Food and Drink website aims to help highlight the abundance of superb food and drink,  passionate growers, enthusiastic producers and innovative caterers and retailers found in Worcestershire. The website allows users to find out more about members and even sign up to become a member of the scheme.

Worcestershire Food and Drink Association strives to put independent businesses on the national food map, establish links between them and encourage the use of fresh and nutritious food.  The overall aim is to develop Worcestershire as a Centre of Excellence for the consumption and production of food and drink. Worcestershire Food and Drink is a not-for-profit organisation, currently funded by Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and dedicated to promoting the county’s best.

If you would like to find out more about Agri Tech West, click here to view the new website.

If you would like to find out more about Worcestershire Food and Drink Association, click here to view the new website.