Sponsorship opportunity for an exhibition of a premier Midlands artist

Local businesses have the opportunity to sponsor the ‘David Cox and Contemporaries’ artwork exhibition.

David Cox and Contemporaries will explore prized and rarely-seen watercolour paintings by David Cox, a world famous artist with strong local and regional connections, as well as work by major landscape artists of the time including Joseph Turner, John Constable, John Varley and Peter De Wint.

This exhibition will display a large body of Cox’s work, exploring artists who influenced him, and the influence his own work and writing had on watercolour painting, landscape art and the vibrant artistic communities of the Midlands in the nineteenth-century.

The exhibition represents a collaboration between the collections of both Museums Worcestershire and The British Museum, making rarely displayed artworks available for public viewing, and allowing the audience to explore the history of this world renowned West Midlands artist and increase understanding and appreciation of the Worcester City Collection. The exhibition will reveal recent discoveries about the origins of the Worcester City Collection’s own David Cox paintings that came to the museum as part of a Sale Bequest of watercolours. Through the support of the British Museum’s curators and the intervention of prominent local figures, including Edward Elgar, the Sale Bequest was split between the British Museum and Worcester in 1915.

David Cox and Contemporaries will bring David Cox into an art historical context, locally and nationally, past and present. It offers the opportunity to see world-class artworks from Worcester City Fine Art Collection and bring great Worcestershire artworks in the British Museum collection by Turner and Constable back to the City.

Bringing this story of making and collecting art in the West Midlands into the 21st century, the exhibition will also host winning pieces of work by recent graduates as part of New Art West Midlands 2017, accompanied by a selection of works from the Worcester City Fine Art collection acquired through the Contemporary Art Society.

The Audience
Supported by a major local and regional marketing campaign, this show will aim to attract a wider West Midlands Audience of over 20,000 visitors during the 4 months of the exhibition.

Our annual destination exhibitions draw an older, affluent audience. Previous exhibitions have demonstrated that at least 50% of our visitors tend to be in the over 60s age range, and over 60% are female.  Postcode analysis also shows us that over 50% of our audience has a higher than average income. Over past years, these exhibitions have drawn over 40% of the audience pan-regionally from outside Worcester City.

A unique Sponsorship Opportunity
In line with the high level and wide reaching impact of this exhibition, businesses can take advantage of a creative and holistic sponsorship package that will support and enhance your business profile locally and regionally in a range of ways over 5 months (January- June 2017), throughout the pre-launch phase and the 4 months of the show.

The Headline Sponsorship package will include:

  1. Branding as sole Sponsor of David Cox and Contemporaries
  2. Opportunity to reach audiences of over 20,000 people from across the region from January-June 2017 through high profile branding, PR and hospitality
  3. Great PR opportunities locally, regionally and nationally
  4. A high level cultural association between Museums Worcestershire and
  5. The British Museum, bringing world class art to Worcester in a stunning collaboration

For further information on sponsorship of this exhibition please contact: Helen Large, Marketing and Events Manager 01905 25371 hlarge@worcestershire.gov.uk


Pictured: Businesses have an opportunity to sponsor the David Cox and Contemporaries art exhibition