Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: April 2020

Video Transcript

What are the key updates for businesses?

” Hi, I’m Gary woodman, Chief Executive of the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. During these challenging times we are definitely working more flexibly from home, but also seem to be doing a lot more telecoms and conference calls, still working and bringing our projects together. So the April newsletter intro is in a different format to previous and I hope you find it to be an interesting newsletter. There is still plenty going on in the economy despite COVID-19 and the challenges that brings. What I’d encourage you to do is to engage with the Making Connections podcasts the LEP have been doing with a number of experts from our board or projects in Worcestershire which are having a big impact. It’s a good chance as a business or business community to pick up that information, advice and guidance in short snappy 5 minute pieces and we are keen to engage people in terms of new topics and subjects they want to hear about. ”

What new programmes have been launched to help the Worcestershire community?

” Equally at this time if you’ve got a young person who’s aged 16-24 and is really thinking about their career options, maybe didn’t get to do their exams but is wondered if they should go to uni or do that college course, have a look in the newsletter for  the Careers service which can provide that bit of reassurance or equally help someone reassess their options. We’ve launched Worcestershire Jobs Match, where we are getting companies who had job opportunities and companies furloughing staff, and really putting those together so that we were matching those opportunities together. It is a really Business to Business service, so if you’re a business who has job opportunities or challenges around not just the furlough scheme but also redundancies, we are keen to hear from you. Things go on with BetaDen, our technology accelerator we are coming up to the cohort 2 showcase, which would have been a great event had we all been able to not socially distance but actually come together, however we are now doing that virtually and if you are interested in being a part of the virtual showcase and their webinar and pitch events, contact them through their website. Finally cohort 3 has been selected and the team have started communicating who is a part of that cohort. Go onto the BetaDen website to see who, but really featuring those businesses and the new technology opportunities because although the economy conversation is all about recovery, which is important, at this time we are also keen to talk about the opportunities with the WLEP.  Audio Insert from the Making Connections Podcast episode on BetaDen

Enjoy the April newsletter and perhaps a different way of doing things, do come to us with any feedback. Certainly we’d also encourage you to complete the survey on the Business Central website and really use that as your port to call for business advice and support. Thank you all, stay safe during these times, keep plowing on and hopefully lockdown will be over soon.”