Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: April 2021

Video Transcript 

“Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire LEP’s April Newsletter. As I talk, the sun is shining and its glorious in terms of the weather and we are certainly starting to see the businesses and economy come out of lockdown. We’ve launched some great initiatives this month, so the Worcestershire Jobs website was launched on the 6th April, there you can type in your search and location within Worcestershire and you can see all the jobs, the training courses and apprenticeship opportunities in one place. Since launch it has been really actively used, so if you’re out there and looking for a job, or some training, I’d advise you go to Worcestershire Jobs, type it into your Google Search and it’ll come up. It is a great tool and great new initiative by the team.”

“Also last week we saw Cohort 4 come into BetaDen, so that Cohort is now about to start and we are expecting great things from them and really looking forward to making that programme work over the coming 9 months. Fantastic effort again from the team to recruit such a high caliber cohort.”

“And we are seeing under the One Worcestershire campaign, a new initiative called Make It Worcestershire, focused on the tourism, hospitality and food & drink sector. Go to the One Worcestershire website to have a look, but basically we are looking to promote Worcestershire as far and wide as we can and the great things that are made here, particularly focused on that Food, Drink and Hospitality industry as it comes out of lockdown and COVID.”

“Another great initiative that we are just about to launch is the Midlife MOT. This gives Employers & Employees chance to look at where they are in terms of their career, their pension and potential retirement, and just kind of does that MOT service on the relationship between the employer and the employee. Tourism as it reopens, there is a new Worcestershire Tourism Strategy which has started, there are some workshops on the 29th April, have a look in the newsletter if you want to register and go along and give your views on the sector and the next future years as that develops under the banner of Visit Worcestershire.”

“If you’ve got any business support needs, whether that is coming out of COVID or any other questions, go to Worcestershire Business Central, the business support Growth Hub for the county. Plenty of opportunities there whether its advice, support grants, or to just have a real conversation with the team about some business ideas that you’ve got, I’d encourage everyone to go there.”

“Finally, at the LEP we’ve seen a couple of changes. Nick Baldwin and Chris Walklett have come to the end of their terms, So we welcome Julie Snell and Jeremy Cieslik onto the LEP board. Fantastic, really welcome additions as it goes forward when we are preparing to launch the Worcestershire strategy for 2040. Plenty going on in April, looking forward to having more conversations with you, and hopefully we will start to ease out of  lockdown and we may even be into physical meetings by the end of June/July. We’ll keep these newsletter films going because we think they’ve been a real asset during the COVID lockdown.”