Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: April 2024

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to April’s Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership newsletter. We look back, distantly, on March with the Visit Worcestershire Awards and the Skills Show, long in the distance. So actually, the Easter break came just at the right time. But as we now start the new financial year, we’ve got other things, that we’re starting to work on that are really important

And giving our local businesses and employers, great opportunities. If you missed it, there’s the launch of the Worcestershire Economic Report. Go to the website, have a look in the newsletter, that will signpost you to it that gives all the stats, facts and, really good evidence base of the economy in Worcestershire.

We’ve also launched the SkillsBoost Programme. The UK shared prosperity backed, working with our district council partners, to provide training on a 50/50 basis with local businesses. Contact the Growth Hub team about that. And not forgetting Skills Bootcamps where an opportunity to get that training in a short, concise period of time. That means, you’re ready for the new opportunities that are in the Worcestershire economy.

In other skills news, we’ve seen the youth hub in Redditch open at the Heart of Worcestershire College. Which is a fantastic opportunity, getting 16 to 24 year olds, into training and work opportunities and working with, the department for Work and Pensions.

Also, last month we saw the start on Worcester Six and the Bid Food investment that’s gone there and also Redditch Gateway completed phase two. So that’s ready for, investment inquiries now. Plenty going on.

It’s also award season announcement time again where the Chamber Awards have announced the finalists. Congratulations to those companies in Worcestershire who made the final list. And we obviously build up to the BetaDen showcase for cohort seven. Have a look on the website, but if you want to attend, go to the link in the website.

Finally, last but not least, if you’re a parent or guardian who’s, advising a young person, then have a look at the podcast around, Guardians of the Apprentice. And, there’s another episode being launched. So, as you can see, plenty going on, in April. But also we’re looking forward to May with loads going on here in Worcestershire and under the partnership activity. Thank you.