Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: August 2019

Video Transcript

What are the latest announcements from July?
“We are deep into holiday season in mid August for this newsletter, although there is still loads going on at the Worcestershire LEP and across the county. The announcement we’ve already seen in July is the second cohort of BetaDen which starts at the end of this month (29th August) and we are looking forward to seeing this new cohort grow and evolve like the first cohort did.”

What is the latest Growth Deal projects update?
“Local Growth Fund projects continue to progress, we are seeing work at Kidderminster Station fully underway now with the removal of the old ticket office and we are really looking forward to this work being completed. Worcestershire Parkway continues at a pace and the local transport board have approved the schemes on the A38 and Pershore Northern Link Road, so those are coming into the next wave of planning.”

What events do businesses have to look forward to?
” In August, there isn’t a huge number of events but there is plenty of planning going on. The recent Worcestershire profile events in both Redditch and Malvern were well attended and we are continuing to plan for some more in September. Also we have the Local Industrial Strategy(LIS) consultation events that will come along in September, and the Superfast Worcestershire team are out consulting with businesses to ensure there is greater take up. If you or your business are still struggling with your broadband, please look out for those events and they will be on our website in due course.”