Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: August 2021

Video Transcript

“Hello and welcome to Worcestershire’s Local Enterprise Partnership August Newsletter, we’re in summer holiday season, but there’s still plenty going on.

Just a reminder for those businesses who are looking for advice and support, the Worcestershire Growth Hub specialist advisor’s offer free support, and free advice on a number of topics, from marketing, environmental impact, accounts, funding, and a whole host of things. So I encourage you to contact the Worcestershire Growth Hub for any queries about business advice and support.

And also, there is a new Peer to Peer programme that we’re currently recruiting for a September start for local companies, if you need more information, then I encourage you to go to the website.

The LEPs across England have been in existence for over 10 years, the LEPs in the Midlands have made a massive impact, we work with our partners and neighbouring counties right across from Lincolnshire, all the way into The Marches, and that group of 9 LEPs have produced £4.1 Billion worth of value and they’ve supported over 135,000 businesses across the region. Obviously we are proud to be part of the Midlands engine, and working across that wider network to really add value across that wider region, whether it’s transport, weather it’s international trade and investment, or whether it’s digital roll out, these are the kind of topics that we’re working with our partnering LEPs.

Although August, as I mentioned, is that holiday month, there are some dates for your diary coming up.

Firstly, great to see that the Chamber Awards are back on, on the 2nd September, that will be a night to remember I’m sure. For those companies that are short listed, good luck, and we look forward to being there. The Worcestershire Growth Hub have supported an award, so I’m sure that will be a fantastic night.

Obviously the series of Tech Tuesdays on the 7th September, I encourage you again, it’s a virtual event, but register on the BetaDen website.

On the 8th September, we’re launching our Plan for Growth,  the new economic strategy for Worcestershire, the 2040 that really builds on our vision and our mission, and really sets out a plan for the next 20 years for the county, across a whole range of things. We’ll be launching that on our website on the 8th, and there will be a whole series of presentations and discussions about the topics that are in that.

Other dates that are further into September, on the 20th September we’re seeing the COP26 National Bus visit Worcester, down at the University of Worcester, and we’re organising a networking breakfast. If you’re interested, please go to the Growth Hub website.

And then on the 23rd September, is the Festival of Business, sponsored by the Worcestershire Hour, supported by them, and organised by them. We will be represented there as well.

So lots of things, lots of companies already starting to look for activity in September. But, I hope you enjoy this holiday season and we see that the economic recovery continues.”