Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: August 2022

Video Transcript

“Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership August newsletter. It’s fun packed full of information as always. Even though it’s perceived this time of year with lots of summer holidays and people away on leave, actually there’s been loads going on. We see the return of Tech Tuesdays in September, so the planning for that is happening now. We’ve got some excellent speakers. Have a look in the newsletter if you want to attend. But that’s a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, people in the technology sector in Worcestershire and have a great conversation.

We’ve also see the return of specialist advisors as a business support program that’s free to any businesses out there. We’ve got a list of advisors across digital, across financial supports, recognizing that businesses at this point in time need to do as much planning as they can for the few months ahead, which are going to be tricky in terms of trade and costs. We know that. In other news, it was great to see the A38 funded from Department of Transport so working with our partners at the County Council and the District Council up in Bromsgrove to really improve that piece of infrastructure in the county. Fantastic to see that we’ve got amount of money coming in, investing in infrastructure.

There’s information that we need from you as businesses around digital skills and scale up. Look for those surveys in the newsletter. Please complete if you can grab 5-10 minutes, they don’t take any longer than that, honestly. In other funding news we see another company funded by the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. Do get in touch with the growth hub if you want more information on that funding and how you can access it. In fact, for all your business needs contact, the growth hub team, they’re there, ready and available to support you. Whether it’s grants, whether it’s loans, whether it’s business support. The growth hub team are very accessible to support your business.

Finally, it’s A-Level and GCSE results time of year. Good luck to all Worcestershire students who are expecting their results. I hope they get the best results that they deserve. And just remember, we’re running some skills clinics around the county for people looking for their next step in their careers. So even if you are planning to go to your next stage in education, then also have a look at the other routes that may be available to you. And then finally, in relation to skills, the Enterprise Advisor Network, we’re looking to recruit some more businesses. Look for some opportunities in September to meet the team and have a conversation about what that involves.

Lots of good stuff going on. Lots of information contained within the newsletter. Please have a look further and we’ll see you in September.”