Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: February 2020

Video Transcript

What have been the key developments this month?

Welcome to the February LEP Newsletter, it’s been another busy month here. We see the opening of Worcestershire Parkway, on Sunday (23 February) so, huge event and I’m sure this infrastructure will make Worcestershire fantastically connected to the rest of the UK and beyond. We had National Apprenticeship Week, which was fantastic to see so many organisations, former apprentices and current apprentices participating and it is a really good build of to the Worcestershire Skills Show on the 4 March. Looking forward to that where we have over 110 employers, and Secondary School students from every school in Worcestershire coming along, but also in the evening, you will be able to bring son/daughter along to see what careers are available and give them ideas and information about what they can do as a career here in Worcestershire which there are so many options and exciting opportunities.


What do businesses have to look forward to in the coming months?

Looking forward, outside of February obviously it is the Chamber Expo on the 12 March and Worcestershire LEP Conference on the 31 March. Do register, go online and have a look, there is still sponsorship opportunities, exhibition stands available and if you want to talk to any of the team about the programme and what’s happening, feel free to give us a call.