Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: February 2021

Video Transcript

” Hello and welcome to February’s bumper edition of the Worcestershire LEP Newsletter. Despite being national lockdown, the team are working hard, working alongside Worcestershire Business Central, to provide that business support and advice. This newsletter really covers some of that, what we have got is the Specialist Business Advisers, that are free for businesses of any size, scale or sector to utilise. Those advisers are in General Business advice, Access to finance, marketing, Greening your business and if you are looking at moving to a more digital setting and you need that kind of support on how you implement that, support and advice is available through Worcestershire Business Central for you and your business.

We have also recongised this is a time where we are working through that EU transition deal and I know there are quite some technical questions. So we are working with our 6 West Midland Growth Hubs to provide that specialist EU advice, so if you’ve got a question on IP, Tax, VAT, go to the Business Central website and you can access the advice and support from there. It is free to use, so we are really encouraging whether it is you and your business or whether it is your network of suppliers, encourage them to go to Worcestershire Business Central to pick up that free business advice.

Last week we saw National Apprenticeship Week, fantastic to see so many training providers, so many young people as current apprentices and our employers who were getting behind national apprenticeship week to really make that a success. There are great opportunities that are going into after September so if you are thinking about an apprenticeship and want to know more or if you are a parent who thinks, actually I’d like to know more information to advise my child, or you are an employer who wants to know more, then we have been really keen to bring all that together in one place, under Worcestershire Apprenticeships and I’d encourage you to go to the website.

Finally what we are seeing, as part of that recovery our capital schemes are still up and running. So, the Local Growth Fund and the active travel work around the A38 has kicked off and we are also really pleased to see a number of Getting Building Fund projects really coming to fruition now, so congratulations to the teams on that.

Also, projects like Worcestershire Works Well held their virtual conference recently and it is great to see that kind of advice out there for excellent employers in Worcestershire.

Our 5G team have been working with the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Warwick, really playing a part in those 5G trials and there is some really exciting news coming from 5G in Worcestershire and some of the private networks and opening those out to SMEs, so hopefully you can watch this space.

So a number of things in the newsletter, do have a read through them, pass them onto your business contacts and suppliers, we are really keen to get the message out there of how well Worcestershire is doing in the current climate, but also as vaccine levels increase and hopefully that infection rate drops we might see a return to the economy and I’m looking forward to the announcements by the Prime Minister on the 22nd and the budget on the 3rd March. Keep in touch for all that information and updates at the Worcestershire LEP website and equally if you’ve got any business advice enquiries, go to Worcestershire Business Central, thank you all.”