Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: February 2023

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to February’s Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership Newsletter. I’d like to welcome James Speller, of Speller Metcalfe, a new private sector non-executive director to the board, and Jennie Long taking over as vice chair on the private sector side, we also have a new representative from the South Worcestershire councils, Cllr Tom Wells from the Malvern Hills. We will continue to update the board as we go through the next few months and will keep you abreast of our representatives across the county.

First week of February we saw apprenticeship week, loads of support for apprenticeship week. Really keen to have those conversations not just with employers but also people thinking about an apprenticeship and with parents, carers, guardians who would consider that as a career choice. Definitely earning and learning is fantastic and the Worcestershire apprenticeship website has lots of vacancies at the moment.

Something to definitely just go back and have a look at. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Worcestershire Apprenticeship team. And backing that up on the skills front. We have the Inclusive Growth Conference at the back end of March, but if you’re interested in knowing more about that and certainly careers for people from all backgrounds, we’re really keen in Worcestershire to really broaden the base of our employee and our workforce.

And tips and hints you can do that as an employer will take place at that event at the back end of March. Moving on to the Growth Hub now, the team are out and about, seeing lots of businesses having conversations. Lots of businesses looking at their business plans and their growth plans. Certainly that Business Advisor programme that’s free to local businesses is something to take advantage of.

But also there’s plenty of business support events coming up over this next period and I would encourage you to engage with them, whether it’s the Chamber Expo on the 9th of March or the Business Worcestershire conference on the 15th of March. On the same day is also the BetaDen Showcase for Cohort six. The cohort have been working through their plans and we’re really keen now to showcase the technology and the advancement of new companies providing through the BetaDen opportunity.

Again, if you want more information, don’t hesitate to go through to the team. And finally, we’re working with the Chamber on the local skills improvement plan. There are numerous events going through this period. I’d encourage you to engage and certainly on the Growth Hub website is a survey that I’d encourage you to complete. So plenty going on, lots happening and look forward to engaging with you over this period and onwards to March.