Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: February 2024

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise, February 24 newsletter. There’s been loads going on in the county, lots across the teams. And last Friday we did our big conversation with business and our partners. Starting off the work that is really looking at the next 3 to 5 years and how we build our delivery plan based on the plan for growth.

So that was a fantastic event and you can see it on YouTube on our website. If you want to go back, have a look at that, if you’re walking the dog, in the car, you can podcast it and listen to it through the various means.

Also earlier in February was apprenticeship week. It was great to see the activity from employers, apprentices, current and former and employers and training providers getting behind the national piece of work that happens every year around apprentices really magnified the work that we do here in Worcestershire.

And other highlights were the inclusive workshops, where it was our penultimate workshop in February where we had three businesses receive their Inclusive Leader awards and the last event is in March coming up. Have a look on the website if you want to book or for further details. Our sister Midlands Cyber also did an event at the MTC Manufacturing Technology Center up in Coventry looking at regional manufacturers and how they design product securely.

The Worcestershire Growth Hub are doing a series of workshops around each of the districts in mid-March. Look out for the one that’s near you. Book on, go along to hear about the business support programs and skills support programs coming in 24/25. That is backed by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and managed by our District Council partners.

And finally, a last call for applications into BetaDen cohort eight, the closing dates, the 1st of March. As you can see, loads going on, plenty happening here in Worcestershire and across the partners in terms of the economy as we move into the spring and we look forward to the kind of work that’s going on beyond having started that big conversation, we’re looking for more feedback from you, the business community, into that plan.