Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: January 202221

Video Transcript

“Happy New Year and welcome to 2022 at the Worcestershire LEP, here is our newsletter for a new start and a New Year, plenty of things going on as we’re working on delivery into 2022 and we start with the BetaDen showcase for Cohort 4, there’s still time to register, it’s tomorrow, virtually online, see the work that the founder’s have been doing and the mentors have been helping these new start-up companies, really develop their technology and work on a product that is marketable.”

“Then also as we move forward, we’re looking at the work starting on Burcot Lane in Bromsgrove and the Malvern Hills Technology Park under the Getting Building Fund, so great to see work starting in 2022 across these two projects.”

“Also, if you’ve got any business problems or issues, the Growth Hub has free business adviser support, so whatever your issue, there’s free business advice available. Contact the Growth Hub for more information and they can help you with whatever business problem or growth issues that you’re starting to work through with your business in 2022.”

“We continue to monitor the skills and job market in Worcestershire and we’re doing a couple of round tables with the logistics sector and the Green Skills sector to find out their future skills needs as we go forward into the New Year.”

“And finally the Chamber of Commerce have launched it’s Business Awards, so any business that’s got a story to tell, look at those award categories online and go to the Chamber of Commerce.”

“Tune in to the LEP website or any of our social media feeds for what’s going on, but as we get going into 2022, lots of delivery and plenty going on within our partners.”