Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: January 2024

Video Transcript

Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to The Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership’s January 2024 Newsletter. It’s another fun packed newsletter with plenty of stories in it. Again, we’ve started the New Year with lots of events already starting.

Working with Worcester University, we’ve done careers training for the trainee teachers, so bringing them into the world of information on careers and how they would approach that when they go out and finally become teachers.

We’ve also done the third event in our series of inclusive Worcestershire and inclusive recruitment and employment, and we had over 40 businesses in the room for that.

And it was good to see that BetaDen run their first workshop of the year in Bromsgrove focused on raising funds if you’re a technology based business, so lots going on.

And when we look forward, plenty going on in February, too. Certainly. I would like to invite you to register for The BIG Conversation in Worcestershire. We’re bringing that kind of conference format back on the 23rd of Feb and it would be great if you could register your interest. Follow the links in the newsletter and you can register easily for that.

Also on the 5th of Feb to the 9th Feb is apprenticeship week and we are doing lots of promotional activity around our ten years of Worcestershire Apprenticeships. Have a look at that, and obviously there’s loads coming across the year to celebrate that ten year anniversary.

And looking a bit further out. On the 6th and 7th of March we have the Worcestershire Skills show, and if you’re a business who would like to kind of come along and talk about your career and your sector and the opportunities you’ve got to the future workforce, then certainly contact the team. The link again is in the newsletter.

And if you want to know more about the business support that’s available in the county, get in touch with the Growth Hub team. They can talk you through a range of what’s on offer in terms of advice, guidance, grants, all sorts of things that can help you grow and work through some of your business plans and ambitions in 2024. So enjoy the newsletter. And as you can see, we’re keeping busy, so hopefully you are too.