Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: July 2020

Video Transcript

” Welcome to the Worcestershire LEP’s July  Newsletter, We are heading from moving out of lockdown, even some of the BetaDen Cohort have started to come back. So we are gradually following the guidelines and putting those steps in place. Plenty of hand gel and perspex screens in the office to make sure we are operating within the guidelines, but it is good for some people to be back. Certainly we were very keen over this last month and have been working very hard since the Prime Minister’s Build Build Build Announcement, and obviously following the Summer statement the Chancellor was at Worcester Bosch. So it was really good to see Worcestershire and the West Midlands really focused on this month. Things that have been going on here, we have launched the Love your Apprentice scheme. We are really keen for local employers who perhaps haven’t hired an apprentice before but have an opportunity. Obviously this was supported by the Summer financial statement, if you want a conversation around that, go to the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website. ”

“There are a number of business support schemes also launching and COVID recovery funds, so go to Worcestershire Business Central for all your business support advice and where you can access some of those support funds soon to be launching. Watch this space during August and the WLEP website for those announcements. We are really pleased to see some of our Local growth Fund schemes moving on now. The A38 work has started and the work around Redditch Gateway has also continued, we hope to see our other schemes also start on site in the coming weeks and months. Obviously COVID is still around and there are local lockdowns like we have seen announced in Leicester. I’d encourage all businesses to look at the Here2Help website which really gives you advice and guidance, should we see outbreaks of COVID in Worcestershire and really gives extra support and information to businesses as part of the community about how they should be operating. ”

“There is some good news, So Midlands Engine Investment fund has invested in Rapid retail. Those funds are still available in terms of loans and grants and sits along those companies who are looking to expand and grow or diversify, which I think is an important point. And finally we are supporting Love Local Business, not just with the Worcester News campaign but something to think about for everyone in terms of where they are buying and where their suppliers are, the more we can support the Worcestershire economy over the coming months the better. ”

“So all systems go as we start to reopen the economy back up, lets see how it goes and see you for the August newsletter.”