Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: July 2021

Video Transcript

” Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Newsletter for July 2021. We are in our final stages of the roadmap, where we have seen many of the legislations move away and many businesses starting to phase to open and come back in the backdrop of cases rising. I’m sure many businesses are taking those precautions, but it is good to see the economy and our claimant count numbers for both youth unemployment and overall dropping that was announced this week.”

“There is a number of highlights this month, its been a really busy month with plenty going on with the team. The Growth Hub team is where you get all your advice and business support from and you can contact them online. They have got their Peer Networks support which was so successful in the early part of this year and the Specialist Advisors are back, so if you are in need of some free business advice then contact the Growth Hub, they will point you in the right direction no matter what your business issue is.”

“Onto the apprenticeship awards, the deadline for the applications is at the end of the month, July 30th. I’d really like as many people to nominate their apprentice or their employer, head over to the website to have a look at how to nominate, but it’s a fairly simple process, so I’d encourage as many of you to nominate either your young person or as an employer. It would be great to get as many nominations as we normally do, even in these difficult times.”

“Keeping on skills, the launch of the Local Skills Report is available on the LEP website. It’s really comprehensive data that relates to the whole skills landscape in Worcestershire, a really helpful document and really builds in, a number of our training providers look at it and a number of bids for Government funds really come from that data. So, I’d encourage if you’re looking at the skills environment in Worcestershire to take a look at that comprehensive document.”

“Our projects for getting building funds continue on and we’ve seen development at the University, but other schemes are also cracking on developing and delivering across this financial year. So have a look for more updates on the websites or in future newsletters.”

“Finally a congratulations to our two winners of the STEM challenge. Those are Holy Redeemer Primary School in Pershore and Westacre Middle School from Droitwich. Congratulations to those teams but everyone who participated, it really topped off this year and this academic year, in the work that the careers team have done. Congratulations to all involved and I look forwards to another successful project next year”.

“As we head into summer a number of businesses have picked up Midlands Engine Investment Funds that are available, again head over to our website for more information or talk with the Worcestershire Growth Hub. Enjoy the hot weather at the moment and keep our fingers cross it stays for August and keeps the economy buoyant across this period. Look out for the newsletter and other announcements as we go into August”.