Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: July 2022

Video Transcript

“Hello and welcome to the July newsletter. It’s been a warm month so far. Plenty going on in the Local Enterprise Partnership world. We’ve seen a number of things, the Youth Hub opening at the Hive at the library. So if you’re 16 to 24 and looking for either a new opportunity or to get into work, there’s all the support in the library for you.”

“We’ve also seen the Chamber Awards. Congratulations to all the business winners. Huge successful celebration by all of business in Worcestershire and Herefordshire and really pleased to see the number of companies that entered and were shortlisted and obviously the eventual winners.”

“We’ve also been busy with our primary schools doing the STEM challenge. Thank you to Mazak for hosting that event. Fantastic event that saw representatives from over 40 primary schools which was a real culmination towards the final so loads of great work and our young people again being so creative and innovative and showing all the skills of future engineers in the county.”

“Finally, we also see the Local Growth Fund projects still coming to an end with the active travel on the Wyre road being completed and the Getting Building Fund, Vale Park South, which was invested in is now completely full. So it’s really good to see the projects that are coming through just show sometimes the way the capital programs work. They take a bit of time to deliver, but importantly they come through and deliver and make a real impact on the local economy.”

“Looking ahead, there’s less than a week to go closing on the 1st of August for the BetaDen cohort six. We’ve seen previous cohorts coming through now in terms of Coho getting investment from the British business bank, that’s fantastic in terms of extra raises and in creating high quality employment here in Worcestershire.”

“And then the Growth Hub, the specialist advisor advice program is back to popular demand. We’re seeing lots of people ask whether that program is going to continue. I can confirm now that it is. And obviously if you’re interested in advice, just contact the team.”

“So as you can see, that was a busy July. Plenty going on steady across August in the summer, many businesses working their way through. Obviously an increase in costs. And we’ve got some advice and tips where we’re working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses, the IOD and the NFU.”

“Look out for those on our website as they come out.”