Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: July 2023

Video Transcript

” Hello, and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership July newsletter. It’s another packed newsletter with plenty of news and stories from, the Growth Hub on the offers that are going for your businesses and how we are supporting those in Worcestershire, through to skills and the regeneration programs.

Before we do, obviously the Government has written out to Local Enterprise Partnerships and councils about the future and we’re really pleased that we’ve got a solid platform here in Worcestershire to go forward working with our local government partners and our business and further with higher education to keep the Local Enterprise Partnership brand here right at the center of driving the economy and going forwards.

So with that in mind, straight into the support that’s available through the growth hub, we are relaunching the professional business advisors. So if you need advice across HR, finance, general business advice, then there’s plenty on offer. Have a look at the website or give us a call and we can advise you where you need some support to grow your business.

Also with skills, the bootcamps are still available and again online. Have a look at that. So if you’re thinking about retraining or staff training and upgrading, have that conversation with the growth hub team.

So we’re entering this time of year where the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards have close but equally apprenticeships and, and careers are very topical as we enter the summer months, not just for our young people but for people looking for opportunities. And we are launching something called the Worcestershire Apprenticeships account. This is where you can apply and put your CV into the Worcestershire apprenticeship account and that will give you a whole range of opportunities and put you forward to look at an apprenticeship here in the county.

I really encourage you to do that. And equally, there then is support for that. You need to take up that apprenticeship opportunity. There is a grant available through that employer once you sign up. So definitely encourage you to have a look at that or refer on people who you think might be interested in apprenticeships.

As part of the Future High Streets initiative made by Government, we’re starting to see the work going ahead in Kidderminster. So our partners at Wyre Forest are starting the work in Worcester Street. It’s really good to see that town centre regeneration and a number of other town center initiatives going ahead around the county.

And finally the UK Shared Prosperity Funding and business grants start to become available from now. Have a look on our website and talk to the growth hub. We will be doing launches in the six districts in September, working with our partners. We look forward to seeing you there. And equally what you can gain from those sessions where we will be bringing as much of the sort of providers advice and guidance together in each of those six locations.

So more to come on that. I hope you have a great summer. And here at the Local Enterprise Partnership, we will continue to work to grow and expand the economy.”