Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: June 2022

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire LEP June newsletter. Lots has been going on when we look across the past month where we’ve now launched the BetaDen cohort 6 applications, ready for a September start. Go and have a look at their website as there are also plenty of events around the cohorts and BetaDen Beers that are planned, so there is plenty going on where you can talk to the team about your application.

In terms of the Worcestershire Growth Hub, our Specialist Professional Advisor Programme is coming back on and we are continuing to support our businesses as we go across this busy period, working really hard to bring in the new contracts which we’ve seen a number of successes, with a number of companies that have talked to us about it.

Some of our skills schemes have come to an end, such as the successful Kickstart programme that saw well over 400 placements, with young people getting opportunities gaining experience, hopefully, many of them have gone on to find new opportunities here in the Worcestershire economy. We’ve also got the Worcestershire Apprenticeship awards, which you’ve got a month left to enter, which sounds like a long time, but again if you want some advice on the application don’t hesitate to contact Worcestershire Apprenticeships team.

Many of our capital schemes are still completing, believe it or not, just shows that impact of the COVID delays but it was great to be at the Heart of Worcestershire cathedral building opening which although has been open for a while, the official opening has only just happened with Robin Walker, the Worcester City MP, cutting the ribbon, it was a great pleasure to be there, seeing many of the businesses that we’ve worked with before.

What is also great to see is many business events are coming together now. Networks that perhaps haven’t met for a couple of years now are really coming back together and here at the LEP we are attending many of those events.

So, as we look forward to a busy summer in the economy and we are seeing lots of tourism and travel come to Worcestershire. Currently it’s nice and sunny, but I’m sure by the time this goes out we’ll be thinking of a nice long summer where we are all supporting the economy going forward.