Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: June 2023

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership’s June newsletter. You can see in the background we’ve got the primary STEM challenge going on here at Yamazaki Mazak in Worcester. But we’ve got primary schools from across Worcestershire taking place in this science, technology, engineering and maths challenge. So fantastic to see what’s going on and we’ll see the winners later in the day, but they’ll be reported in the newsletter itself.

Keeping it on the skills theme. It’s the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards, our annual awards. This is our ninth year of the awards, and the closing date for applications is the 14th of July. And we’ve got skills bootcamps available. This is an opportunity for people to get training in either a new career or their existing career. In short, sharp bursts, have a look on the website and contact the Worcestershire Growth Hub for more details if you’re interested in attending a Skills bootcamp.

Congratulations to BetaDen, who’s now a finalists in two of the national awards, both the UK Innovation Awards and the UK Business Angel Awards for Accelerator of the Year. So we wish the team well and recognising the fantastic work that’s gone out there, really putting Worcestershire on the map nationally. Onto more awards. Also, congratulations to the Worcestershire winners of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Awards.

A fantastic night was had by all, and a final date for the diary. It’s a careers event that looks at getting into engineering. So whether you’re a young person looking to get into engineering, whether you’re a parent or carer or looking to find out more, go to the website and have a look for this information

As you can see, plenty going on here in Worcestershire in terms of the economy. And it’s so nice and warm. So you can tell it’s summer and behind me you can see our young people working really hard. Thanks all.