Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: March 2019

Video Transcript:

What were the key updates from February?

Gary – In Worcestershire it was a great month – we’ve seen great projects cracking on like Worcestershire Parkway Station, the new train station, you can have a look online and on the LEP’s twitter feed for the latest on the build. Heart of Worcestershire College got planning permission  so we’ll see their new engineering campus go up later this year. It was a real pleasure to attend the FSB regional awards, congratulations to the Worcestershire winners Pharma Packaging Systems, The Little Soap Company and Gloverspiece Minifarm – they’ll go on to the national awards, so good luck to them.

What events do we have to look forward to in March?

Gary – The LEP team and partners are really looking forward to the skills show this month on the 13th, which follows the national apprenticeship week and national careers week. And also, we open our Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards to applicants this month as well, so lots going on in the skills arena. A particular highlight is our Timewise workshop that encourages employers to look at the way they recruit in flexible working, and that’s on the 22nd March, contact the LEP team if you want to know more.

What is the latest news from BetaDen this month?

Also this month, we see the launch of the BetaDen second cohort’s calls for applications. The first cohort has been great in terms of being a pilot and testing out things, now we’re starting to hone that down, and it’s your chance if you’ve got a technology idea and a business that you want to develop and start up, please look on the BetaDen website.