Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: March 2020

Video Transcript 

What were the key updates from February?

Welcome to the Worcestershire LEP March Newsletter, it’s a busy time of year as we head towards the  financial year end, with the budget this week. When we look back over last week, another successful Worcestershire Skills Show delivered by the team. Over 6,000 young people coming through the doors to meet 120 employers, a really fantastic event about careers here in Worcestershire. GJS Dillon have done a report on the commercial property market, it gives you a really good feel of what commercial property’s are available, what does the market look like and what are the opportunities to invest going forward across the whole county as it is obviously different here in Malvern compared to Bromsgrove or Redditch and Worcester City. When we also look at upcoming events, We’ve got the chamber expo coming up and the LEP conference at the end of the month. Do not forget to register your place.

What are the latest project developments happening in the county?

In terms of projects, we’ve had Worcestershire Parkway open over the last few weeks as well. Fantastic facility, brand new, and its great to see lots of people using it to travel to London and Bristol. Obviously now we are talking to the service providers to improve the services to this great facility. Also, we’ve had a great announcement where the 5G testbed in the rural areas focused on Health & Social Care has been announced. This is great news and continues our connected county part of the vision that we are keen to promote. So good news on all fronts there, from a physical connected and digital connected point. Finally, can I encourage you to register for the LEP conference, we’ve still got room at the University Arena on the 31 March. Looking forward to seeing you all there.