Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: March 2023

Video Transcript

Welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership March newsletter. It’s been another busy month with lots of events going on, plenty of forums getting feedback from businesses to inform strategy and delivery. We’ve also announced the new Worcestershire LEP chair, Paul Walker. For more information, go to the article on the website where you can see Paul’s bio, his experience and background. We’re really looking forward to working with Paul and the board.

Also looking back, we ran a careers event for over 3000 of Worcestershire’s young people and I’m really keen that that was a successful event. So I’m sure that the Inclusive Growth conference, again can build on that. BetaDen also we’ve done the Cohort six Showcase, fantastic group for businesses and entrepreneurs, and we continue to drive the networking. And for the last week of March there is the BetaDen Beers, for you to come along and have a chat to the team because we’re starting to look at the recruitment for Cohort seven, which will open in the summer.

In Worcestershire business news we see that Olpro have gained £1,000,000, out of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, a loan and equity fund that really provides support for businesses who perhaps have been turned down by their normal lender and certainly get in touch with us, the growth hub, if you want more information.

We’ve got some award winners. Mike Schooling the leader at Indra Renewables, won the Green leader at the West Midlands Leadership Awards, and Emma Heathcote-James, who won the Women in Innovation Award at the Innovate UK National Awards.

We’re still encouraging businesses to fill out the survey attached to the local Skills Improvement plan. Go to the Growth Hub website or get in touch with the Growth Hub, equally if you’re looking for any business support. The Growth Hub is there and available for you for any needs that you’ve got in terms of your business.

And finally, the Worcestershire LEP’s launched its economic report, which provides all the stats and facts from the year and really shows the trends in the Worcestershire economy against national and regional level. A great read.

So look forward to a bumper newsletter and see you all in April.