Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: May 2020

Video Transcript

” Welcome to May’s Worcestershire LEP newsletter. We are still working through the lockdown pieces although with the safer working guidance launched, we know several businesses working through that and a number of businesses who have already implemented a number of things. Certainly us at the WLEP are thinking about how we can bring the office back into use, so that people can come back into work should they need to, although we recognise that we are in that fortunate position where many of us can work from home and therefore following the latest guidelines.

During these times the Making Connections podcast are a really good piece of advice and guidance, which we will have a few more of those episodes around business examples, so if you’ve got a good case or something you’d like to shout about, then certainly get in touch with the WLEP by emailing just to give us those good news stories at this time. Certainly more information around Worcestershire’s economic recovery plan will be available as we go through the coming weeks and months.

We have still been operating a number of things, there was the BetaDen virtual pitch event on 30 April where the 6 cohort leaders gave their practice pitches, but don’t forget we have the end of cohort showcase on the 18 June and the new cohort 3 will start over the coming weeks virtually. In terms of getting your business support at this time, the updated place is the Worcestershire business central website for all the information, advice and guidance during these times. As per usual there continues to be some good news, congratulations to Titan Steel Wheels who received a Queen’s Award recently. Fantastic recognition for a company based here in Worcestershire.

For businesses there are a number of services that we have launched, the Worcestershire Jobs Match scheme being one. If you’ve got either opportunities for work or staff on furlough who could help in the Worcestershire community then please get in touch with that service. The Community Foundation has been pulling together and looking for volunteer drivers at this time. So lots going on here in the Worcestershire community, really pulling together in these extraordinary times.

Finally we know this can be a tough time for businesses or people in terms of being furloughed, in work or equally facing redundancy or unemployment. It could be time to look at a number of retraining pieces, we know TDM are a local digital training provider who are looking at online courses so also are many of our FE colleges. Heart of Worcestershire College have setup a lot of blended learning options, so certainly coming into September we are really keen that apprenticeships continue and lots of retraining elements that we are working on during this period. I would encourage that this is a great time for training and learning in the workplace and something that we will be looking to support through our schemes that we operate in Worcestershire. Again, if you need to find out more, go to the Worcestershire Business Central website.

Stay safe, work from home if you can but equally we will be back in June with more information on the Worcestershire economy.”