Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: May 2021

Video Transcript 

“Hello and welcome to the May Worcestershire LEP Newsletter. Again another massively busy month with loads of things going on, we’ve launched the Midlife MOT website. Which is a chance for people in Worcestershire to just have a look if they are mid career about the training available, where they are on their finances and where they are on their health. Take a look at the website, it is a fantastic resource with loads of tools and online information to help you through your career or choices and decisions which need to be made at this point.”

“We’ve also seen the launch of the Worcestershire Jobs back in April and we’ve seen over 1000 applications clicks come through that for jobs in Worcestershire. It is fantastic that people are using the site, hopefully you’ve seen the adverts but have a look there if you need to know anything about the Jobs, Training or Apprenticeships on offer in Worcestershire. We are also making fantastic progress with the Getting Building Fund, We’ve seen the units on Vale Park in Evesham go up and we’ve seen that work has started on the Burcot Lane site, with leader of the district council, Cllr Karen May swinging the hammer to demolish the site and construction is now underway, and also work on the University of Worcester site is well progressing. So just 3 of those projects that we are really seeing take off and achieve those economic benefits that we want to see for the county.

“Moving onto BetaDen, there is a tech talk coming up on the 8th June. Have a look on their website to find out more. But also DronePrep, our Entrepreneur in Residence,  and their work they have been doing with Royal Mail has been groundbreaking and just shows the alumni coming through those BetaDen cohorts are really creating new businesses and technology businesses based here in Worcestershire, all seeing growth and employment here in the county. But take a look at DronePrep, they are a fantastic company and we are seeding lots of companies like that across the country through the BetaDen accelerator.

“Congratulations to the Queen’s Award winners, we had three award winners announced, Payara, Olpro and Fibex. Congratulations to those businesses, fantastic news and recognition for our Worcestershire based companies. I’d like to also highlight one of our board members, GJS Dillon and their property report. Really proud to be a partner with GJS Dillon on that report that’s an annual report, they launched that about the property market in Worcestershire and I’d encourage you to take a look.

“Finally, we are just about to launch the campaign for Make it Worcestershire, really celebrating the Food and Drink sector within the county, the fantastic quality and variety that we’ve got here in the county and full credit to the steering group, which includes the WLEP as a key partner to promote that not just within the county but also to region, nationally and internationally. So as you can see it’s been a really busy month in May, and I wish you well and we are looking forward to another busy month in June.”