Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: May 2022

Video Transcript

“Hello and welcome to the May Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership newsletter and there have been loads going on in April. We’ve had plenty of work going on and finishing programmes like the Getting Building Fund, which is coming towards an end and drawing to a conclusion.”

“Some real highlights, last week we had 50 businesses in a room discussing the key challenges in the local economy and how we are going to work together to overcome those. Also, BetaDen North has launched for its cohort of 6 businesses, also their low carbon workshops continue so if you want to find out more, visit the BetaDen website.”

“Really pleasing to see the Greenest Town possible event in Redditch with so many of our middle schools working together, looking to the future in terms of how a different town could look like, the centre of it being sustainability and green policies. Our young people showed great imagination and creativity and it’s something we can be really proud of as we move forward into the future.”

“Also, congratulations to our five award winners from the Queen’s Awards, The Little Soap Company, Proteus Instruments, DRPG, Excool and Pharma Packaging. We also had three finalists move from the Worcestershire tourism awards into the National awards, so we are rooting for them at the national level and I’d encourage you to look out for the Apprenticeship Awards and the tourism awards have opened for 2022.”

“Also in terms of LEP news, Mark Stanfeld, the LEP Chair has come to the end of his term, so we are recruiting for a new chairperson and we are keen we get wide interest and we’ve had lots of enquiries so far but there’s still time for you to apply. Go to our website or if you want to speak to someone in the team about the role, please don’t hesitate to come back to me.”

“We’ve got some future dates for your diary, please note we are working with Ionos, the IT company for an introduction on the Cloud, go to BetaDen’s website for more information. Midlands Cyber are doing a fintech event in Birmingham on the 7 June. Also, the Business Worcestershire Conference that’s on the 28 June, will explain the EU grants we’ve got remaining as we go through this final period. Also, our primary STEM challenge, is on the 30 June at Mazak where we will see some of our local schools working on science, technology, engineering and maths and actually responding to that challenge. So that’s the final and I’m really looking forward to that, there’s some exciting things coming up, plenty going on despite the headwinds we’ve got going on in the global economy and we look forward to continuing the debate with you.”

“Don’t forget if you are looking for business support or any advice and guidance go to the Worcestershire Growth Hub, either look on their website or give them a ring. And if you need any more information on what the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership is up for, please go to our website.”