Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: May 2023

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership May 2023 Newsletter. We’ve got loads of stuff going on. Obviously the coronation and the bank holidays have created a bit of a buzz around the UK and here in Worcestershire, so that’s good news and I think that good news is carrying on when the sun is shining now and into the economy and certainly from the LEP perspective we’re planning for the next two years. We know there’s lots going on nationally, but our new chair, Paul Walker, is settling in as we start to review and plan our work for the next two years to deliver for the residents and businesses of Worcestershire and examples of some of that are.

The Kidderminster College Construction and Automotive Centre. That centre will focus on green and sustainable construction, and we look to see that come out of the ground over the coming months. Also, the University of Worcester new Health and Medical Centre has done its launch and the LEP obviously inputting some investment into that to improve the cycleways, improve the construction footprint. So we now see that centre up and opening and we look forward to the University of Worcester welcoming students.

BetaDen has opened its recruitment for Cohort seven and we’re seeing a nice flurry of applications come through the door already. Really pleased to see that. And we look forward to Cohort seven and it’s got some high standards to meet up to already and heading into June on the 27th, we see a sustainability conference delivered by our partners Business Worcestershire, and there’s plenty of events going on, lots of partner events as we head into the summer and keep an eye on the website and the newsletter for more information as those come out.