Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: May 2024

Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership’s May 2024 newsletter. There’s been loads going on, obviously, since Easter. The team are out there meeting loads of businesses and having lots of conversations following the Big Conversation back in February now, which seems like a long time ago, but those conversations are really helping us shape up, in terms of the business support offer and the skill support offer. And I’ll come back to that and there are some bits in the newsletter that you might want to look at.

Starting with the BetaDen. It was the Cohort 7 showcase a couple of weeks ago, some fantastic businesses who’ve been through the nine month program, you know, accelerating towards their commercial offering. I’ve been really impressed about the quality and the standard of the businesses. And, also in May, we, launched BetaDen Incubate. And that’s in support of Barclays Eagle Labs and The Kiln. That’s for businesses, lower stage, but, nevertheless got a great business idea. If you want to know more information, go to the website.

And as I said, we’re keeping that conversation going with a numerous events. have a look at the events calendar on the Growth Hub website. There’s loads going on, around in terms of workshops support, free information, advice and guidance. And there’s such a range that I can’t actually mention them all here.

In other business news, congratulations to some of our King’s award winners. OOSC Clothing and Slicker Recycling. Who were receivers of the King’s Award. It’s a really hard process to go through, but a really valuable exercise. And congratulations to them that add in to that, process of our previous award winners. And I know that we’re looking to the network on a Midlands wide basis. Those King’s award winners. So they can be real champions of Worcestershire and this area.

And we’re a couple of weeks away from the Chamber Business Awards on the 13th of June. Keep an eye out for that. And some of our hopefully Worcestershire companies come away with as winners of the event.

Thank you all. Plenty going on. And, we move into June.