Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: November 2020

Video Transcript

” Welcome to the November Worcestershire LEP newsletter. After our Virtual Conference last month, hopefully if you didn’t manage to catch it, all the feature episodes are now available on our YouTube site, which you can find via the WLEP website.

Obviously the economy at the moment is in challenging time, some businesses able to work through that and some businesses having to close. Remember all your business support is available through Worcestershire Business Central. Whether that is in terms of your having to close and business rates through your local council, or whether it’s a business grant, please go through to Worcestershire Business Central. From there they will route you through to the support that is available.

In November we launched the call for cohort 4 of BetaDen, so the recruitment is up and ready, go to the BetaDen website to find out more information and to make your application. We had some good news in relation to our Local Growth Fund in the past. The Parkway Station won the West Midlands Institute of Civil Engineers Award for Project of the Year. This just shows that the Parkway station is a fantastic infrastructure project but also the opportunities will continue to come for the future economy in the years to come.

We continue to monitor the claimant count and also the impact on our Young People in Worcestershire. There are a number of schemes out there, you can still register for a Kickstart as part of the Chancellor’s Summer Statement through the team. Also we are working with the Careers & Enterprise Company to continue to work with our schools and careers education, to give our young people the best chance they’ve got and to set the careers for the future and our future workforce.

Other points of interest, board member John Dillon, GJS DIllon, has given a report on the local commercial property sector vs the national. Interestingly in the local we are still getting plenty of enquiries. And certainly those are the things we are starting to factor into the new strategy we are working on and you’ll hear more about that in the coming months.

So here at the WLEP we are working hard in terms of for Worcestershire and it’s businesses, keeping the economy on track as much as we can against the backdrop of COVID and the lockdown we are working through. If there is any feedback you can give us, or any information that will help the WLEP at this point in time, or want to just have a conversation, please get in touch through our website  and we are more than happy to have those conversations.”