Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: November 2022

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the November LEP newsletter. It’s with great pleasure that I’m on the roof at the Malvern Hills Science Park. So the view behind me is fantastic. Certainly in sunny times, which perhaps doesn’t feel like the kind of economic data at the moment. And obviously, businesses are digesting the Autumn Statement from last week. And if you want any advice on what happened and some of the key announcements, then please don’t hesitate to go to the growth hub for some advice and guidance.

We’ve also been working with partners at the County Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses, the NFU, to create a ‘Survive and Thrive’ in these tough, challenging times. Some Top Tips for business as we work through these challenging macroeconomic times and businesses work through their issues.

In BetaDen, the team have been really celebrating the award that they won, which was the UK Tech Awards, Accelerator of the year. Fantastic recognition for all those cohort members that we’ve had, for the mentors that were in the program and then the companies that have been engaged, and the team, full credit to them in terms of keeping the program moving and going forwards. And we’ve seen BetaDen North this week kind of do its showcase, which is fantastic news related to clean growth and clean energy.

Last week was also the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards, the eighth awards that we’ve had. Obviously this one back in the room with 300 people. Really great to see everyone in the room from training providers, from apprentices, employers. And just the kind of buzz in the room was fantastic. Congratulations to RedSpeed International for winning Employee of the Year and Georgie Davies, who works at the Acute Trust, who won Apprentice of the Year. Fantastic for both of those, but a really great field that we had with a number of entries.

And then finally looking forward and it’s an opportunity to complete the Digital Skills Survey and we’re then starting to plan for 2023 where we’re looking to engage more employers in the skills work that we do in the county. And there’ll be some of our forums that you can engage with to give us feedback about business conditions and some of the support that we can design and develop in 2023 to support your business and how it should grow.

I look forward to those in future newsletters. For now, enjoy November and into December as we enter that festive period. And I look forward to you reading through the newsletter and seeing more.