Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: October 2019

Video Transcript

What have been the key updates from September?
” The BetaDen cohort continues to settle in and work through theirprogramme, equally we’ve had the Department for Education visit to see the Careers Hub’s work at Chadsgrove in Bromsgrove and Trinity school in Redditch and the great work we are doing with schools and businesses. We are continuing our delivery where we’re continue to get awards and recognition – and we’ve now been shortlisted for the “5G Leadership” Award at the World Communication Awards. ”

What are the latest Growth Deal updates?

“This month should also see the Duckworth Centre at Heart of Worcestershire College in Worcester open. We’re looking forward to seeing the new facility and how that really drives a good quality environment for learners, and work will start on the Pinvin junction near Pershore, all part of the access road which will come in the next financial year. Also, work at Kidderminster at Churchfields will be key in opening up the housing site, so all systems go on those two Local Growth Fund projects.”

What events are coming up to support businesses?

“As we get closer to the Brexit deadline. There are a number of events if you’re an importer or exporter, or need more advice and guidance, please go to the WLEP website or find the ‘Get ready for Brexit’ information online. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the LEP office. ”