Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: October 2022

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to October’s Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership newsletter. It’s another bumper edition where we’ve got lots of news, plenty of events going on at the moment, and many businesses are working through, well, challenging times. But I’ll come back to that.

Some award winners to start with. Congratulations to Paul Bedborough, who’s part of the BetaDen cohort five. She won the Women in Tech Awards, Tech Entrepreneur of the Year. So that’s fantastic news and just shows the quality of the cohorts that we get through BetaDen. In other skills news, we’ve got the finalists for the Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards on the 17 November. We have the awards night at West Midland Safari Park, and there are still some tables that are available for sales. So if you’re interested in coming, whether it’s one ticket or whether it’s table ten, we can accommodate you.

I often mention the Professional Business Advisor programme that’s in full swing now with many of the sessions off with one to many businesses underway, a program of activity that’s available on the growth of website, and we’ve already seen more than 100 businesses through that programme. And therefore, it’s a great success and good to see that businesses are engaging with that support.

I encourage you also to complete the digital skills survey that we’ve got running out of the LEP team. Really important to understand digital skills and the needs that really goes across every sector and businesses who are looking for people with digital skills, there is the bootcamps scheme where it takes people and retrains them in a 12 week period. Again, have a look on the Worcestershire LEP website and there’s a program of activity there or contact the growth team who will be able to help you.

One of the things we’ve been doing is working with the Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of Directors, the Federation of Small Businesses to put together some hints, tips and guides to work through these challenging economic times. A strive and thrive, hints and tips, to help businesses and business owners and managers just kind of give them some pointers towards what they could be doing and should be doing to kind of shield the business from perhaps the macro economic headwinds, but also just some really good practice. And I’d like to thank the team for putting that together.

Finally, a date for your diary. The 8 November is the Business Worcestershire conference focused on finance. Hopefully, as many of you can attend as possible. He is looking into November where we’ve got plenty going on. Thank you for engaging with our newsletter.