Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: October 2023

Video Transcript

” Hello and welcome to the October newsletter from the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership. It’s been another busy month with the team out and about, delivering plenty of events, lots of conversations going on with businesses, how we’re supporting them, helping them with advice, information for how they’re growing their business in the current environment.

Lots of things going on here at the LEP in terms of the new website for Worcestershire Apprenticeships, go and have a look if you’re looking for an apprenticeship or equally your an employer thinking about employing an apprenticeship. Lots of advice. The team are available to help you, guide your way through that. There are loads of opportunities here in Worcestershire to kind of take your first step on your career or equally go now to a higher level and degree level through this route.

I’d also like to congratulate BetaDen alumni, Natalie Wadley from Changemaker 3D, who won the best use of tech in a private sector setting at the West Midlands Women’s in Tech event a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic news for another one of our BetaDen alumni.

Coming up, we’ve got further events in our Inclusive Growth series. Again, I’d encourage you to go to the Worcestershire Growth Hub website to have a look at the events calendar on there.

Lots of things going on and that you can engage with, but that’s a particular highlight. Also, BetaDen are coming forward with a number of workshops related to how to develop your app, is the first one, and that’s at the end of November. But again, engage with the BetaDen website, have a look on their. Plenty of things going on and for you to support your growth and development of your new tech project. If you’re interested in those bits, come along, it would be great to have a chat to you.

And then lots of other events around International Trade Week and the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards in the middle of November. So lots of exciting things to look forward to.

Hope you’re doing okay and do engage with us if you need any help through the websites at either the Growth hub or the Worcestershire LEP.”