Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: September 2019

Video Transcript

What were the biggest announcements from August?

“It was a pleasure in August to be shortlisted for the Careers & Enterprise Company’s Careers Excellence Awards. We were shortlisted in the category of ‘Careers Hub of the Year‘ and we should hear by the end of September on the outcome of that shortlist.  It was also a pleasure to be at The Kiln opening – one of our local growth fund projects which have been progressing for a while now – however, it finally opens in Worcester, on Copenhagen street. Do have a look, pop your head in – it’s a great working environment and a great hub for those creative businesses in the city and we look forward to that expanding even further. Cohort 2.0 of BetaDen has started to move in. We’ve opened the second cohort and have a look on BetaDen’s website for more information about the cohort members. We are looking for 9 months of intensive work with those companies as we go forward and hope to create some technology rich entrepreneurs as we go.”

What Brexit readiness support is available to businesses?

“Busy time, lots going on in the national press. We would still encourage businesses and companies to visit the ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ website and complete the questionnaire because it provides a good basis for ‘are you prepared’ and ‘are you ready’ for the 31 October.”