Video Update from Worcestershire LEP Chief Executive, Gary Woodman: September 2022

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to September’s Worcestershire LEP Newsletter. Again, fully packed of good news and updates from the businesses and Worcestershire economy. Obviously, over the last few weeks, the Country has been in a state of mourning from the passing of her Majesty the Queen, but business has continued as usual in terms of working through some of the challenges that we’ve got at the moment.

The mini budget last Friday made several announcements related to energy costs and business support, and again I’d encourage you to look at any kind of clarity or grant support or advice to go through the Growth Hub during this sort of time.

On other news we are working hard on skills, and we’ve got on the 12 October the apprenticeships career night, where parents and young people can find out more about the apprenticeships and pathways that they can progress their careers in.

We also recently had the skills forum, bringing 50 businesses together in Redditch to have a conversation about skills and how we are developing the county. And we are working with something called the Local Skills Improvement Plan with the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce to really find out what businesses are up to; what they think about the future skills and changes that we can make over the coming three or four years to improve that pipeline of skills and flow of labour.

And then looking at some of our other projects, the Betaden cohort 6 have started on site, so we’ve got some really interesting projects going on in there and entrepreneurs and founders. Also, Betaden North continues to roll with again some great companies. So, I’d encourage you to engage with the showcases that are coming up or any networking events that are advertised on our website.

Also, I’d encourage you for dates of our Advisor Programme. They are running a number of workshops, again those are in the newsletter so I would encourage you to book on and find that advice whether it’s marketing, finance, or your environmental footprint, those are all things you can get through this free business advice by going to the Growth Hub.

Keep an eye on our website, there is a lot going on in the LEP world and hopefully, your month has been as busy as ours.