Virtual Conference 2020 – Espresso Updates Future Economy

Espresso Update for the Worcestershire LEP Virtual Conference 2020 on the topic of Future Economy

Video Transcript 

” Welcome to this morning’s Espresso update as part of the Virtual Conference. It’s with great pleasure that I am here in Malvern, on the roof of the science park phase 3. It was great to hear yesterday from the team that was behind the first rail station in 100 years, Worcestershire Parkway. Lord Faulkner leading the team as part of the North Cotswold Line, working with Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and our partners to really improve the services here in connecting the county by rail, into that national network and obviously looking forward that Bristol to Birmingham corridor which will again see some improvement services in the future years. Hearing from Brian of Marshall’s of Evesham and Rachel Hill from Worcestershire County Council about the road investment which has gone in over the past 5 years, and we continue to tackle those congestion hotspots that are really important to improving the productivity of the county. Obviously the 5G team, it was great to see them and how they busted some myths about 5G but also the way that our local companies are using new technology to drive new products and services. And finally tackling that long term Worcestershire problem of flooding, talking with Dave Throup from the Environment Agency on not just flood alleviation but also the economic opportunities come behind it as well.

And Today’s session is going to focus on the Future Economy, we are really looking at Future technology and how that moves forward in the next few years and really drives the Future Economy. We have Linda Smith from BetaDen with a previous cohort member talking about the difference that programme is making to the reputation of Worcestershire as a place where you can start and grow a technology business, we are with two of our established companies, Worcester Bosch and Carl Arntzen and Simon Hyde from Faun Zoeller and they are both looking at hoe Hydrogen as an energy source can both change Heat and Powertrain, and they are two local firms looking at that technology. Then we are looking at Business Support and the future economy, the technology that is supporting it and we are working with the Chamber of Commerce and Worcestershire Business Central, and we are talking to Worcestershire Ambassadors who are really building that business network and community that is so valuable to us.

Worcestershire is a great place as a testbed, its got urban and rural and we have seen that with the digital economy and now we are looking at low carbon. Please register for today’s episode if you haven’t just yet and you can can watch this episode later today and we are really keen to get your feedback in the poles or questions and I look forward to you enjoying today’s episode.”

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