Virtual Conference 2020 – Espresso Updates ‘Healthy Worcestershire’

Espresso Update for the Worcestershire LEP Virtual Conference 2020 on the theme of ‘Healthy Worcestershire’

Video Transcript

” Welcome to day two of the Worcestershire LEP Virtual Conference, this is the Espresso Update, yesterday was Skills, Employment and Training and we heard from Judy Chadwick on the progress we are making on the Gatsby benchmarks, relating to 5 out of 8, seeing an improvement in Worcestershire and that working with Schools relationship that we now measure through those benchmarks. We heard from Luke Payton, a headteacher at one of our Middle Schools on the difference in Careers education being delivered in Worcestershire. Equally Stuart Laverick gave us a great overview of how with COVID in the further education they are using blended learning and different digital tools to make sure the students are getting that full learning experience and obviously we concluded by launching the Employment into Excellence Charter, which you can register on the WLEP website, and I’d encourage you find out more about the charter and we’ll get in touch with you when you put your details in.

Looking forward to day two, this is focused on Healthy Worcestershire, we’ve got a packed agenda in terms of a conversation coming up with Doctor Kath Cobain, who is the director of Public Health in Worcestershire to understand the work being done from a Public Health point of view in terms of COVID and managing the virus, so some really good questions there. We’ve got 3 businesses, DRP Group, Severn Valley Railway and Worcester BID, looking at retail, office environment and tourism in terms of the way businesses are adapting and we have Worcestershire LEP Board member, John Dillon, who is discussing commerical property with me to discuss the impacts and the way COVID is changing the commercial property market.

Certainly looking forward to it and I’d encourage you to get involved, if you haven’t registered yet, please do through the WLEP website. We are really interested in your feedback, thoughts and comments on this item. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.”

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