Virtual Conference 2020 – Espresso Updates One Worcestershire & Worcestershire LEP

Espresso Update for the Worcestershire LEP Virtual Conference 2020 on the topic our One Worcestershire approach.

Video Transcript

” Welcome to Friday’s Espresso Update, I’m here at the Kiln in Worcester City Centre and reflecting on yesterday’s conversation around the Virtual Conference, it was really about the Future Economy, how technology is really going to drive the economy and low carbon with a particular focus from Worcester Bosch and Carl Arntzen and Faun Zoeller on Hydrogen, but also Bromsgrove related to heat networks, looking to change the way that we get heat energy as part of our local economy. So we also heard from the Chamber of Commerce and Worcestershire Business Central on Business support and the opportunities that are available for businesses out there that are not just looking at the economic recovery, but also looking to grow in this economic climate, and lastly Julia from the Worcestershire Ambassadors talking about the reputation of Worcestershire and the great network that we have got here really means that the business community acts as one.

Today we are going to hear from Mark Stansfeld, Worcestershire LEP Chair and the Executive team talking about the vision for the next 20 years for Worcestershire to create that Connected, Creative, Dynamic Economy for all and the exec team will be discussing the issues around the themes that we are progressing around ideas, skills & people, infrastructure, business support & environment and place.

We continue to be really keen to hear your feedback, please engage with the polls and ask any questions, we are really keen to build on the Virtual Conference that has been a great success for us in terms of reaching different audiences and people coming in at different times and really engaging with the content that we have done across the five hours. We are really looking forward to how we present this out to reaching greater numbers within the Worcestershire community than we could with a physical conference.”

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