Virtual Conference 2020 – Espresso Updates ‘Skills & Employment’

Espresso Update for the Worcestershire LEP Virtual Conference 2020 on the theme of ‘Skills & Employment’

Video Transcript 

“Welcome to the Worcestershire LEP’s Virtual Conference. It’s great that we can actual deliver the content virtually that we would normally do in a big set piece event with 500-600 people in Worcestershire, coming together to celebrate the work we have done on the economy over the last year. So this is a different style, its virtually across 5 days, a topic a day. We want everyone to get engaged with it as much as they can to help give us the feedback to shape our strategy as we go forward.

Today we are focused on Skills, Employment and Training. Lots of content and to really set the context of that, it’s about delivering our 2040 vision to create a connected, creative, dynamic economy for all in Worcestershire. Obviously we have some challenges when it comes to the skills side, businesses always come back to us that this is one of their biggest barriers to growth and in terms of that we have some challenges around the ageing population like many shire counties. We are likely to see 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 in the coming 5 to 10 years, plus our young people exit the county and don’t return until their later years. As we move into the COVID phase, we are seeing youth unemployment rise, now at 9.6%, so that’s starting when we were nearly at full employment before COVID. So the issues around labour, workforce and skills are really important to us.

In today’s episode feature length episode you’ll hear about our work related to schools and business and that relationship, what improvements we’ve made to on the Gatsby benchmarks, equally you’ll hear from some employers and from a head teacher around how those things are working and that relationship, and why its so important to inspire our young people for their future career. We’ll also sign post you to the support that’s available through the Skills team and Worcestershire Business Central. Please register, take part in the poles, give us any questions or feedback. Be great to engage with you through our virtual platform, welcome to the day.”

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