Voice your opinion on Arts in Worcestershire by 20 March 2016

Businesses are being encouraged to voice their opinions on the Worcestershire Arts Partnership’s new Arts Strategy.

The strategy considers how the arts connects with the economic agendas and the role culture and the arts have to play in place-shaping as well as promoting Britain abroad – for tourism and international relations.

The new Arts Strategy, ‘1000 days’, highlights 5 priorities for the arts in Worcestershire, developed as a result of some early consultation and research. These include:

  • To build relationships with organisations promoting economic growth and develop ways in which the arts can contribute to Worcestershire being a vibrant and appealing place to live, work and visit
  • To build a stronger, confident and more resilient arts sector that is able to deliver a thriving and sustainable high quality arts offer for Worcestershire
  • To broaden opportunities for as many young people as possible to access high quality arts and to enable young people to play a lead role in shaping the arts in Worcestershire, contributing to improving the lives of children, young people and families
  • To develop opportunities for the arts to be a player in improving the health of individuals, contributing to providing life-affirming health and wellbeing choices for all
  • To raise the profile of the arts across the County, championing what the arts can offer.

Worcestershire Arts Partnership now wants to consult much more widely to find out if these are the right priorities, and how best to deliver value from the arts across Worcestershire. Businesses are encouraged to give their views on Worcestershire Arts Partnership’s plans for achieving these priorities and to find out more on how to become more involved in the future.

To participate in the survey, view the survey before the 20 March 2016 deadline.