Worcestershire 5G features at London 5G Realised event

Worcestershire 5GFollowing the successful launch of Britain’s first-ever 5G live factory trials with the Worcestershire 5G consortium, testing is now firmly underway with initial findings expected to be released imminently.

This week, the Consortium was in attendance at the 5G Realised event in London; an event designed for accelerating 5G into the marketplace. Worcestershire LEP’s Chair, Mark Stansfeld, ran an Industry 4.0 workshop, before joining Carl Arntzen CEO of Worcester Bosch on stage, to explain why Worcestershire is at the forefront of innovation for the manufacturing sector.

Mark and Carl have also recorded a webinar ahead of their upcoming talk at World 5G Summit. Mark and Carl will talk through the innovation happening across the region, before showcasing the world-leading engineering company Worcester Bosch and discussing how it’s becoming the shining exemplar for improving British industry.

To stay up to date with the latest progress of the Worcestershire 5G testbed, visit the 5G news section on the Worcestershire LEP website here.