Worcestershire 5G takes flight

Mark Stansfeld, Chair of Worcestershire LEP, and Carl Artzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch recently represented the Worcestershire 5G Consortium at the World 5G Summit in London.

The event took place on 12 June and outlined the opportunity that 5G brings to manufacturing. It also highlighted Worcestershire’s leadership in 5G innovation in the sector. In addition to their presentation, Mark and Carl also featured in a short video where they discussed the business opportunity of 5G in more detail.

Mark will soon be delivering a keynote at Connected Britain 2019 on 18 June to discuss how the Worcestershire 5G Consortium is leading innovation in 5G to build a more connected nation. As well as this, the Consortium is shortlisted for the Wireless Connectivity Award at the event, and are eagerly awaiting the final result.

For the latest information on the Worcestershire 5G Consortium, visit the Worcestershire LEP website.