Worcestershire achieves the Midlands’ highest average rating and growth in national education standard

Worcestershire has achieved the Midlands’ highest average and growth for the number of Gatsby Benchmarks achieved by schools and colleges.

The announcement follows the Careers and Enterprise Company’s launch of the ‘State of the Nation’ report, and caps a hugely successful first year for the Worcestershire Careers Hub and their drive to support schools to achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks. These Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines contained within the Government’s National Careers Strategy that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. 

Worcestershire’s schools and colleges had recently attended a county-wide event to celebrate their progress in achieving the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Two schools, Haybridge High School and Sixth Form and Tenbury High Ormiston Academy, were successful in achieving all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

On top of the regional achievements outlined in the ‘State of the Nation’ report, Worcestershire was also recognised for having the UK’s highest percentage of schools and colleges engaged within its Careers Hub.

Last month, Worcestershire Careers Hub was shortlisted for the ‘Careers Hub of the Year’ at the Careers Excellence Awards 2019. The Hub has also overseen a number of other recent achievements including the Worcestershire Skills Show 2019, which was attended by over 5,000 young people – making it the county’s largest ever careers event.

Gary Woodman, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), said: “The impact that the Worcestershire Careers Hub has had within 12 months has been nothing short of exceptional. The county’s schools, colleges and enterprise advisors have worked together seamlessly to deliver one of the UK’s best careers guidance programmes for young people and it’s no surprise that the Hub has been shortlisted for a national Careers Excellence Award.”

Cllr Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Education and Skills at Worcestershire County Council, added: “We’re delighted to see that Worcestershire has been successful in achieving the Midlands’ highest average of Gatsby Benchmarks obtained. By providing younger generations with the best levels of careers guidance, our county’s schools, colleges and careers hub are helping communities to thrive in the world of work now and in the future.”

Ben Mannion, Director of Hewett Recruitment and Chair of Worcestershire LEP’s Future Skills Board, said: “It’s brilliant to see the progress that has been made to develop and deliver a high standard of careers guidance across Worcestershire. The Careers Hub and Enterprise Advisor network has enabled businesses and schools & colleges to work collaboratively to support young people and generate the talent that will benefit the county and wider community moving forwards.”

For further information on the Worcestershire Careers Hub, visit www.skills4worcestershire.co.uk

To get involved with the Worcestershire Careers Hub, contact the team by emailing cec@worcestershire.gov.uk