Worcestershire Careers Hub – St Egwin’s CE Middle School Case Study

St Egwin’s CE Middle School recently held a Curriculum Enrichment Week to provide students with more activities to engage with the working world.

Students were able to select 2 options from the activities list which they then attended during the week.

There were a variety of activities available from making afternoon tea menus to visiting Cadbury World and Cotswold Wildlife Park. Students learnt more about each activity and got to experience what careers in these activities may be like.

They experienced skills in textiles, food production and menu creation, heritage and product design, sport leisure, biology and ecology conservation and health & safety management.   Below is a more detailed breakdown of the activities students had the option to take part in.

Afternoon Tea – Pupils learnt about the tradition, specific restaurant providers, then plan and make an afternoon tea menu in the food room.

Make Your Pyjamas – Pupils looked at careers in textile industry, then design and make themselves or a relative a pair of PJs.

Cadbury WorldPupils learnt about chocolate production and the history of employment, on the second day they visit the production plant at Bourneville.

Warwick Castle – Study of heritage industry & the upkeep of historical artifacts – designing their own trebuchet. On the 2nd day, students had a contextual visit to Warwick castle.

Snow Dome – Pupils studied the extreme sports leisure industry. Inspired by a visit to the snowdome at Tamworth.

Yoga – With an eye on well-being, pupils learnt about the practice of Yoga, its cultural uptake and perceived benefits.

Sports – active pupils learnt about minority sports, including the water sports industry, climbing as well as short forms of tennis and cricket.

Cotswold Wildlife Park – pupils considered their biological science lessons in the context of the ecological conservation industry a guided trip to the park allows pupils to consider the costs and benefits of such attractions.

Residential Trips – Pupils could opt to go on residential trips and learn about attitudes to safety and risk, cooperation/team tasks and the camping and outdoor sports industry.