Worcestershire Careers Hub – Trinity High School Case Study

Trinity High School have always operated an open door policy for students to talk and discuss issues on a one-to-one basis or in a group with staff. This operation has included the many different aspects of careers such as progression, subject choices, finding jobs etc.

Over the past few years they have redesigned this provision and now operate a clear programme of provision for students using the expertise of staff.

For the Careers umbrella and mentoring, they have put in place the drop-in sessions at break, lunch or after school, where they see referrals from the Pastoral Team, referrals from curriculum staff, other mentors and in Year 11 targeted students who are not working to their potential. Students are also are encouraged to use the school email to ask questions and ask for assistance when needed.

Trinity High School also work with University of Worcester Ambassadors who mentor and aim to raise self-esteem, aspirations and confidence with Year 10 and Year 13.  The programme is now in its third year, it is a ten week programme for about 14 students. The groups set out their own agendas from the framework provided and this has really achieved success with many students who are far more confident and secure in their career choices. There was more success with the Year 13 students confidently moving onto Higher Education after being unsure of their progression routes and their ability to succeed there.

For the past four years Trinity High School have also worked with Oakland International through their charitable fund with a business project. Trinity select Year 10 students who are not very confident or seem rather shy and offer them the chance to work with Oakland. There are six sessions including a tour of Oakland to see the different roles and job opportunities. The programme includes CV preparation, and an interview with the Management of an Enterprise Project, as well as a presentation to other employees at the firm. The programme is run by three Employees in Marketing and Management. There has often been a transformation in the students who really rise to the challenges and become more assured and confident. Their ability to work more positively in a group is evident and these skills are then taken back into the classroom and help them in Year 11 with College or Apprenticeship Interviews.

This year has also been a pilot for the school Million Mentors scheme whereby people in business offer their time to mentor selected Year 11 students for about 40 mins to an hour once or twice a month depending on the need throughout the academic year. The aim of the programme is to assist them with their career decisions, life skills and queries and from a business perspective drawing upon the experience of the mentors.

There is continual communication between the student, the school and the mentor to make sure the sessions run smoothly and effectively. The sessions have taken place both at the school and the place of work of the Mentor, which enhances the relationship.

The eight students involved really enjoyed the sessions and got a lot out of it. The mentors were also pleased and are prepared to carry on with the scheme for another year.